Elizabeth getting the prompter up and going!

Elizabeth getting the prompter up and going!


Owned and operated by Elizabeth Howe, Insight Prompting has been serving San Francisco Teleprompter needs for the last 7 years. We help take your video shoots to the next level.

As a teleprompter operator, Elizabeth's goal is to make the video shoot flow smoothly while making sure that the complete message of the client is being delivered. Elizabeth takes time to offer advice in delivery to on-screen talent. She works quickly and makes sure the script is well-covered. 

Elizabeth has prompted for some of the California's most influential people:

  • The leaders of tech from Google, Genetech, Apple and Twitter

  • Politicians like Al Gore and California Gov. Jerry Brown

  • CEO's of large multinational companies,

  • Celebrity chefs, sports stars and actors.

Insight prompting helps our clients and on-screen talent present themselves to their staff, investors and the public in the most formidable, efficient way!

Not only is Elizabeth a teleprompter operator, she also has extensive experience working in film as a producer and editor. You can check out her producer page here: elizahoweproductions.com

Call Elizabeth Howe at 510-384-7294 for your next shoot!