We offer multiple teleprompters that can accommodate your video shoot. These include:

  • Straight to the lens prompter either tripod or c-stand mounted. 
  • High-bright prompter for outdoor shoots
  • Monitors to display Powerpoint or other presentations
  • Interview style, off-camera teleprompter. 
  • Interrotron interview style set-up. 
  • Operation of multiple teleprompter simultaneously for a multi-camera shoot or conference.

We have worked with the leaders of business throughout the Bay Area from CEO's of leading technology companies to spokespeople for major corporations to Celebrities, national politicians, musicians and Actors. Our goal is to make your film shoot run quickly and smoothly while ensuring that the message is being delivered in an accurate and thorough way. 

Edits can be made to scripts on the fly to ensure the on-screen talent can have a natural flow while reading.