Prompter on Crane for Mythbuster Men!

Insight Prompting offers teleprompter operation and equipment rentals. 

Our goal is to make clients feel comfortable and confident while getting their message across in a timely, professional manner. There is no need to memorize a script or practice ahead of time, simply give us your script on the day of the shoot and leave the rest to us.

TelePrompter set up's we offer:

-Straight to the lens: Talent reads into the prompter, which is directly in front of the camera and it oohs as though they are looking into the camera lens.We can set up one, two or three prompters in this fashion if you have multiple camera angles that each need a prompter. These prompters can be mounted to the tripod or can be setup free-standing on it's own stand, to allow the prompter to fly in and out as needed. 

-Off-Camera read: Prompter is set up to the side of the camera or somewhere else on set to give talent an off camera eyeline. This is very commonly used to make it appear that the talent is being interviewed. 

-Over-the-shoulder interview style prompter: In this situation, two teleprompters are set up over the shoulder of each talent. By doing this, each talent can read their lines but it appears as though the two people are having a conversation. 

-High-brightness prompter for outdoor shoots: If you have an outdoor shoot and need a prompter, we can bring out our high-brightness prompter to accommodate exterior shots. 

-Interrotron: This style of teleprompter was made famous by Errol Morris - director of The Fog of War. In this situation, there is a prompter set up in front of the camera lens, but rather than reading a script, the subject is looking at a live projection of another person doing an interview. This way, we have a direct to lens eyeline, which translates to direct eye contact between the interviewer and interviewee and ultimately direct eye contact with the audience, which can be very powerful.  I achieve this set-up by setting up a second teleprompter for the interviewer in front of a camera that is shooting said interviewer and this image in being projected into the teleprompter of the interviewee. It's a pretty great technique! Check out what Errol has to say about this technique:



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